Invest Wisely

Wealthucate discusses how to invest your money wisely and strategically so that you can become rich even quicker. The topics include high impact activities that include:

  • net-worth
  • time horizons
  • interest and debt payments
  • risk tolerance
  • asset allocation

Importance of a Will

Corona Virus is a debilitating and fast-acting disease. With a vaccine likely months or even years away, planning your estate is more relevant now than ever. Wealthucate discusses:

  1. The importance
  2. Statistics
  3. Why you should care
  4. Action

Emergency Fund

This video inspires you to get an emergency funds. It covers:

  • What is an emergency fund?
  • Compelling Statistics
  • Steps to Start
  • Steps to Invest
  • When to tap your fund
  • Actions

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